Monday, March 07, 2005

Sunday, no church for me

Yeah, i hate the X-church, freakin murderers, but anyway, usually im off on sunday, but i came in for a special request. One of the clients we met at the Santa Rosa conv. wanted to get one of the dragons from my flash set, so i came in. Thye session went well. we added some batwings to the original design and a little bit of cloud in the background. It turned out really cool, and took about 2.5 hrs. i charged him 375.00. theres a picture at:

hope you like it.

So let me just expound about one of the biggest problems in the tattoo world- this industry, like any, is filled with ameteurs, and the worst is tattooers who can't draw. Years ago, this was the rule, the industry was comprised almost solely of bikers and convicts. This job has always attracted a certain type. I guess the biggest problem here is that many clients dont know or suspect that they might be getting work from an inferior tattooist. You have to check the portfolios. If they dont even have one, thats a sure sign they're probably not that good. Now im not saying that im the best in the world either, but my portfolio speaks for itself. I urge you all to raise the bar, travel far if you have to. Nowadays, there are plenty of skilled artists to choose from, and its worth doing a little research. you only get one shot at it, make it a good one. thanks for reading.