Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Some great work today

Yeah, days like this are what i'm all about. I've posted pics on my dedicated blog reference page. go check em out at:


first up is a dark fairy girl i tattooed on a regular girl yesterday. I really liked this tattoo, and i think i pulled off a lot of neat tricks especially for a tattoo this size. It is a huge tattoo, almost 11 inches across, but the face and details are still very small. the tattoo took over 2 hours, but i only charged her 225.00. By the time we got to the end of the session, she was pretty sore, but all in all, she was a trooper. And she tipped me so its all good. You'll notice that i do the really great tattoos for a little bit less cash. naturally, if its something i want to do, i dont mind taking a hit on the price. conversely, if you want a barb wire thing with a rebel flag, i hafta jack the price. so it all balances out.

next up is no doubt one of the best girlie sacrum pieces i've ever done, the purple lotus with tribal. now this piece was based on a piece of cherry creek flash(and any tattooer reading this is groaning at the mention of that brand. dont get me wrong, CC is some of the best, and most succesful flash brands out there, but sometimes its a little tiresome- no offense) but i decided that if i was going to do this piece id hafta do it my way or not at all. so i replaced the flower with a lotus based on a photo. thats the only way to do natural objects. below the tattoo, you can see the reference picture. i was really pleased with the way this one turned out. i cant wait to see it when its healed up.(180$ posted price)

lastly is one of my favorite clients- mike g. hes an aquarius, but he decided to twist the idea a bit. he told me what he wanted and i drew it up for him. i think this is a really cool colr piece, again, very small details. 120$(buddy price)

im currently using a lot of different ink brands, but im really happy with the latest white, black(both intenze brand) and the red(skin candy) and the yellow(national powder mix). We are always looking for brighter colors around here. constantly pushing the envelope of quality.

so thanks for reading.



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