Friday, March 04, 2005

The beat goes on...

I had a root canal on tuesday n i took a coupla days off in case i was sore. it turned out to be no prob though n now i'm back to work. back on the blog.

So far today, i did a really cool angel on a womans shoulder blade(but i didnt get a picture of it, sry) it was a kneeling girl angel in a robe holding her hands up and looking up as if to say Y me? n theres light shining down. It said Another Fallen Angel at the bottom in script. it was really nice. some subdued, but not much. the urge is to not be too flashy with this type of piece.

then i started a big tattoo of a salmon on a guy's ribs. it was really tough looking. i got pictures of it even though its not done yet. go see it at:

he sure was hurting. this part of the ribs is notoriously painful, especially the nearer the armpit you go. but its a good start. im thinking that next time we'll use some of the anesthetic gel on him, just so we can spend more time on it. i really like the water texture, though it looks really bloody today i think itll be really nice in the end.

and ive posted a photo of a faerie i did recently. this on was designed by terri fox, one of my colleagues at shes great.

so i guess thats it for now. im playing a new game Scrapland for xbox. its pretty cool. kind of a kiddee game, but its fun. i cant believe how big the environment is.

thanks for reading