Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Back from the East Coast

Whew! Man i just went back to Va for 11 days. what an ordeal! It was fun! it was terrible! I made money, but now im broke. i did some good work, and i did some boring stuff too. i had a lot of extra curricular fun though so its all good. I takes about 12 hors from my door to theirs- car, bus, plane, plane, car. its exhausting. I flew into norfolk va, and tattooed for about 5 days then i rode out to roanoke and worked a few more days there. i need to start charging more money on these trips. Im fairly sure id have made more cash if i'd stayed home, but it was great to see all my old friends and hang out. got to see my mom, n my mom away from mom, n i got to see my best friend get married. did a lot of great work on continuing projects and even got top finish a couple. im sposed to be going back in june, thats soon enough for me!
I'm so glad to be back in Calif though. gosh i felt like i just came down from a bad acid trip by the time i got to my house.

special thanks to crazy mike and jaybird, and angie. see you guys all next time i hope.

theres a whole pile of pictures on my dedicated blog photo gallery, go see them at:


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